FAQ: Responsible Management of a Licensed Venue (RMLV)

Mandatory Responsible Management of a Licensed Venue Training (RMLV)

What is the Responsible Management of a Licensed Venue (RMLV) course?

The ‘Responsible Management of a Licensed Venues” (RMLV) course is a mandatory requirement for licensees (if individuals) and approved managers. RMLV training may also be required for permit holders under certain circumstances. The CTA Training Specialists RMLV course is approved by the OLGR.

How Long is the RMLV Training Course?

The course is conducted over one day and takes approximately ten (10) study hours.

Who Can Conduct the RMLV Training?

Like ‘Responsible Service of Alcohol’ (RSA) training, the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) has approved certain trainers to deliver the RMLV course. CTA Training Specialists is an approved RMLV trainer by the OLGR.

How is the RMLV Course Delivered?

The RMLV course is delivered by a CTA Training Specialists by the following delivery methods:

  • ‘In-person’ — the course is delivered in a classroom or one-on-one environment (delivered over one day).
  • ‘Video conferencing’ — the course is delivered using online video conferencing (delivered by arrangement with an approved trainer and must be completed within seven consecutive days from commencement).

Unlike RSA training, there is no option for the RMLV course to be conducted online.

Do I Need to do RSA if I Have an RMLV Certificate?

If you hold a current RMLV certificate you are NOT required to also train in the Responsible Service of Alcohol.

How Long is the RMLV Certificate Valid?

The RMLV licensee’s course certificate will remain current for a period of three years. The holder of the certificate must ensure they renew their training before the current certificate expires.

What are the Certificates Needed to be an Approved Manager?

Licensees (or permit holders) must ensure all approved managers maintain currency of a ‘Responsible Management of Licensed Venues (RMLV) certificate’ issued by an approved trainer.  The certificate is valid for three years and it is the responsibility of both the holder of the certificate and the licensee to ensure approved managers working at the premises are in possession of current certificates.

What are the RMLV Requirements for Community-Based Licensed Premises?

The Licensee (or permit holder) is not required to have completed RMLV training where the service or supply of alcohol is provided only by volunteers for the following licence types:

  • Community club licence
  • Community other licence
  • Community liquor permit or
  • Restricted liquor permit

For these licence and permit types, where the service or supply of liquor is provided only by volunteers, the licensee/permit holder must take reasonable steps to ensure there is a person with current RSA training to supervise the other volunteers.

An approved manager need not be present if the service or supply of alcohol is provided only by volunteers. However, as best practice, it is highly recommended that RMLV Training is conducted by the licensee or permit holder and that as many volunteers as possible have an RSA certificate.

Need Some More Information?

Check out the Queensland Department of Justice and Attorney-General Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation Factsheet: Mandatory responsible management of licensed venues training.

How do I Enrol in the RMLV Course?

Click through to our short-courses store and browse the upcoming RMLV training dates.