Exciting New Partnership with Lovewell Foundation and Cafe

In the last financial year alone, the Lovewell Foundation delivered some pretty impressive support including:

  • 173 new women were assisted by Lovewell Foundation
  • 68 women and 5 men were employed at Lovewell Café
  • The team worked a total of 24,500 paid hours
  • They served 55K+ customers
  • Brewed 72,000 shots of coffee; and 
  • Served 42,500 eggs! 

If you are not familiar with the Lovewell Foundation and Lovewell Cafe, they assist women to rebuild their lives and their confidence and hold their heads high. The women they help are supported to dare to dream that they can have a different life and believe that they are worth it.

The amazing team is led by Annie Stonehouse, Executive Director of Lovewell Foundation Australia and Lovewell Cafe.  They are passionate about building partnerships and work with counsellors, social workers and local businesses to achieve their charter. 

Through their social enterprise Café Lovewell, the aim is to support women from a vulnerable background to rebuild their lives and enter into training or employment.  Their cafe patrons know that they serve coffee and food with a purpose, and that by choosing Lovewell they are helping change a woman’s life forever.

CTA are proud to have partnered with the Lovewell Café through the provision of training their staff in barista and food safety skills. In addition to this partnership, CTA Training Specialists & DWS Hospitality Specialists are proud to provide a donation of $2,000 to the Lovewell Foundation.  This donation will assist the Foundation in running the programs and support services they offer.  
It’s certainly a wonderful organisation doing exceptional things and we are thrilled to be working with them and look forward to our continuing partnership. Be sure to check them out and support this great charity.

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