Commercial Cookery: Building Brilliance with the Basics

For CTA Training Specialist’s trainer Chris, this is built on a strong knowledge and understanding of cooking fundamentals.

CTA’s SIT30816 Certificate III in Commercial Cookery students have created numerous exciting and experimental dishes to-date, all instituted on a clear understanding of purposeful ingredients and essential cooking techniques. This has included building soft skills, such as patience and timing, alongside the ability to break down a recipe into its core ingredients.

One key example of this philosophy in-action is Chris’s new Peanut and Jelly Time. This dish saw students combine simple ingredients and classic cooking techniques to develop a sophisticated and well-rounded taste, suited for almost any palette.

Throughout his courses, Chris is dedicated to nurturing students and providing them the skills needed to become independent in their craft. He also continues to mentor his students post-course, continuously creating new pathways for learning and growth.

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