Changes to responsible gambling signage

Did you know the "Wanna Bet" campaign has been superseded?Customer Liaison Officers need to be aware that the “Wanna Bet” campaign has been replaced by the new “Gambling too much?”. The campaign is currently being rolled out in gaming venues all over Queensland.

The “Gambling too much?” campaign is targeted at regular gamblers who may be experiencing problems associated with their gambling. The campaign also targets family, friends and work-colleagues of regular gamblers. It reinforces that Aussies love to gamble, but sometimes we get in over our head without realising.

“Gambling too much?” seeks to remove the stigma attached to problem gambling and drive behaviour change – through encouraging people to seek counselling assistance, explore self-help options or undertake self-exclusion measures.  It is one of the first problem gambling campaigns to deliberately counter the stigma and negative stereotypes that society associates with problem gambling.

The new signs contain a call to action to contact the Gambling Helpline or access Gambling Help Online

New signage for the campaign is available on the OLGR website and includes LCD screen images.

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