Building Bright Futures in Hospitality

Since the release of the Boosting Apprenticeships package from the government, the team at CTA have been a flurry of activity helping students and venues build bright futures right across Queensland.

In the past 3 months we have helped over 85 venues and placed 176 Trainees and Apprentices.

We have put together some photos from over the last few months of our fresh faces and our happy venues.

Club Helensvale

We have a wonderful group of young adults that we signed up at Club Helensvale. Everyone involved in their training agrees that they will represent the Club moving forward in a positive manner. Trainees will be taking on a Certificate III in Business or Certificate II in Kitchen Operations.

City Golf Club Toowoomba

We have placed a great group of enthusiastic Trainees at City Golf Club Toowoomba, their traineeships are already underway and we have had some great feedback from the Club. City Golf Club Trainees will be taking on a Certificate III in Hospitality or Certificate III in Business.

Toowoomba Sports Club

Toowoomba Sports Club welcomed 9 Trainees who will be working across the Club to complete either a Certificate III in Hospitality, Certificate III in Business or Certificate II in Kitchen Operations.

The Boathouse Tavern

We welcome The Boathouse Tavern as a new client this year. We are looking forward to helping them nurture and grow their 2 Apprentice Chefs in 2021 and into the future.

Double Barrel Kitchen & Bar

Jess and her team at Double Barrel Kitchen & Bar have taken on 2 Trainees in the the last few months who are completing a Certificate III in Business.

Bundaberg Services Club & Sandhill Sports Club

We have an amazing cohort of trainees that will be working at Bundaberg Services Club and Sandhill Sports Club who will be training in a Certificate III in Business.

As we move into 2021 we are looking at welcoming more trainees and apprentices on board and are excited to play a role in building bright futures. If you and your venue or business is interested in welcoming trainees or apprentices on board, you can learn more on our Boosting Apprenticeships Page. Alternatively you can call Jason McIlroy on 0448 222 123 or Aaron Bray 0447 464 333.