5 Reasons for Employing Apprentices in Your Kitchen

As we know the significant skills shortage for chefs across the whole hospitality industry is not getting any easier for any venue.

In this environment particularly, building an Apprentice Chef program in your venue is paramount!

Here’s Aletia’s Top 5 reasons why we should be employing apprentices in our kitchens:

  1. Growing your business – They can in fact bring fresh perspectives and innovation into the business. Generation Z are certainly out and about educating themselves in the latest food and technology trends in hospitality and generation Alpha will be not too far behind them.
  2. It’s an investment into the future – By training and moulding apprentices to compliment your business model, you are able to grow your business well into the future. They can be promoted within; better staff retention and new apprentices to take their place.
  3. More cost effective – Once the onboarding / initial training has been completed, it becomes much easier for the rest of the team to do the more complex jobs without having to worry about the “less challenging, monotonous” ones that require less skill. It is more cost effective than hiring all qualified chefs to do those jobs too.
  4. Rewarding – It can be enormously rewarding to train and watch apprentices grow in their career and learn who they are along their journey. It is also financially rewarding as the government incentives are certainly worthwhile also!
  5. Community engagement – It can be a huge benefit to the community employing apprentices, or even school-based apprentices. By collaborating with local schools it can boost your businesses revenue and keep employment opportunities arising. Word of mouth is a successful tool for businesses if you train staff thoroughly!

If you’re keen to discuss how apprenticeships work, the incentives available to you and your apprentices or have a team member ready to step up to the next challenge….contact Aletia Ramscar today on 0432 949 100 or [email protected].