3 Reasons Why You Need Trainees at Your Club or Venue

Trainees can be a crucial asset in a Community or Sporting Club, with the ability to provide a series of positive impacts for all parties involved. Check out these 3 reasons to welcome a new group of trainees at your venue!

Sharing Community Spirit

Welcoming trainees into your venue is an exciting opportunity to give back to your local community. Through offering traineeships to school-based students, you invest into the future of Australia’s youth, providing them with an effective pathway into the workforce. These students are also given the opportunity to develop life-long skills to support them throughout their career, from their first day of employment through to their daily routines at home and school.

We find most trainees find a whole new level of self-belief and pride once they are trained, employed and earning an income! They then begin to contribute to a shared community spirit via positive interactions with customers and becoming patrons themselves at other local venues.

Meeting Your Business’s Needs

As new working professionals, school-based trainees can be trained to meet the specific needs of your business. This can be critical in addressing any current skill-gaps at your venue, allowing you to mould the trainees in a way that complements your workplace’s culture.  With these trainees having higher staff retention rates, a traineeship program can provide significant competitive advantages to your business.  

One Club currently has 3 school-based trainees, who each works in a different area of the club, including back of house and front of house. The Club is currently cross-training these students across each area they work in to create even more staff loyalty and opportunities for the students going forward.

Financial Benefits

The Australian Government is currently offering substantial wage subsidies and incentives for hospitality-related businesses looking to hire trainees. Extended until 30 September 2021, the Boosting Apprenticeship Commencement provides a 50% wage subsidy of all gross wages paid.

So don’t allow this funding opportunity to run out before you implement some school-based trainees into your club or venue!

Would you like to employ one or more trainees? CTA specialises in creating well-rounded traineeship programs, crafted to provide maximum benefits for your business and employees. Check out more about our traineeship programs here.