Your role as a gaming venue employee

Do you understand your role as a gaming employee?When working at a gambling venue in Queensland if you observe a number of risk indicators in a patron your responsible gambling role is to:

– Provide the patron with information about the role of your venue’s CLO
– provide the patron with information about the self-exclusion services that are available at your venue
– refer the patron to your CLO
– advise your CLO of the patron’s situation at the earliest opportunity
– protect the patron’s identity and respect their right to privacy at all times.

Excluding patrons and recognising the possible signs of problem gambling represent some of the most challenging issues for a venue employee. As a general rule, before you act in these areas, consult your venue CLO.

What you should NOT do as a venue employee

 If you observe (or a patron reports) a number of the problem gambling signs and risk indicators, you should NOT:

  • project your own beliefs or opinions onto the behaviour of patrons. For example comparing the amount of money you would be willing to spend on gambling with the amount of money a patrons spends.
  • approach someone you think may be showing signs of problem gambling and seek to “pry” into their personal circumstances
  • try to be a counsellor to someone who is distressed
  • persist with providing responsible gambling information after the patron has repeatedly declined such information.
  • become involved in third party scenarios such as trying to mediate arguments between a patron and their family.

Undertaking the Responsible Service of Gambling training course will provide you with the information to ensure you can confidently assist patrons.