Workflow Planning

Interested in a career in commercial cookery?Workflow planning within a commercial kitchen is important, as without it – chaos can strike. This is as normally there can be numerous staff within a commercial kitchen, which at times can be a tight fit and, therefore, a workflow plan is important to keep order and to ensure that the team is working effectively. Completing Certificate in Commercial Cookery with Club Training Australia will provide you with the hands-on experience and show you how to collate an appropriate and effective workflow.

An effective workflow includes:

  • Logical sequence, this is a step-by-step approach based on ‘common sense,’ is important.

  • Organisation, everyone who works in the kitchen area needs to be involved and aware of their responsibility. Ultimately the head chef has responsibility of the kitchen area and to ensure that it works effectively, but each person must take responsibility for proper conduct and also the successful running of the kitchen. Everyone within the kitchen must also be able to trust and rely on each other if required.

  • Time constraints, time limits are time limits; this means that certain tasks must be completed at a specific time. For example, if service begins at 5pm then everything must be in order and ready for service at that time, and if the deep fryer is not on in time then customers may have to wait, creating dissatisfaction. Therefore, everything has a time that it is required and this time must be met, or negative consequences will be associated.

  • Co-operation, working as a team and towards a common goal creates morale and an efficient kitchen area. Particularly in the kitchen, when people work together in a team, the level of experience and knowledge increases and others are able to learn from others, creating a more efficient team and kitchen.

Workflow in a commercial kitchen and working as a team to meet a common goal, such as flawless service, increases morale and also creates an efficient kitchen. Without a workflow plan and people taking responsibility for the kitchen area, the team cannot work together and service will not be successful. Workflow is imperative; working together to create the perfect workflow is of highest priority. A certificate in commercial cookery will assist you in building the perfect workflow.