Why should I complete my Responsible Service of Alcohol?

Responsible Service of AlcoholWhen you think of Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA), you immediately think why should I do this? Do I really need it? The answer is yes you do, if you want to work in a licensed venue, it is a legal requirement for them for all their staff to have their RSA.

You have to remember that alcohol is a drug, and when drank in excess can have negative and long term side effects. It affects people’s behaviour, damages the body (heart and lungs), and is ultimately dangerous for consumers if consumed irresponsibly. Also if drank in excess, a person can be affected by alcohol poisoning, which can cause unconsciousness and can ultimately cause death, as they are susceptible to choking on their vomit. This is why sales are controlled and why having an RSA is so important.

As if someone starts to consume alcohol, you will quickly notice some changes in their behaviour and the way they act:

  • They will begin to slur their words

  • Become unsteady on their feet

  • They will become more confident, boisterous and lose their inhibitions

  • Other symptoms include blurred vision, causing them to find it difficult to judge distances

Due to the serious implications of consuming alcohol, it is imperative that staff at a licensed venue must be aware of the early symptoms of someone intoxicated so that they are able to stop service of alcohol before they become obviously drunk. When someone is intoxicated, they are less likely to be able to make decisions about their own wellbeing. Therefore, it is up to the server to make the decision when the customer has had enough, not the customer. Having your RSA is vital, as it provides you with the knowledge that you require to quickly identify when someone is intoxicated and when to stop service. This is as ultimately you could be saving someone’s life.