Why Gamble?

Why do we gamble? This is a question that we continually ask ourselves, yet we continue to gamble – pokies, lotto, roulette, card games, racing, sports, and the list goes on. So there clearly has to be something that lures us in, something that we like that keeps us coming back for more each time.

People gamble for a wide range of reasons, depending on the person, but for most it is the buzz and excitement that we get each time we gamble. For some, it is the competitive element associated with gambling and always having to be the best – we try and beat other players, the bookie, or the dealer. We just want to win and beat someone else.

Research of Queensland households showed that over 66% of adults were recreational gamblers. Recreational gamblers are people that are less likely to feel the negative impacts that a person with a gambling addition would; however, if they are not in control, they could become addicted. It is noted that some people don’t believe that there is no such thing as a recreational gambler; however, some feel as though gambling is similar to alcohol, and as long as you consume it in moderation – you will be okay.

Gambling can be an addictive activity, and recreational gamblers have to ensure that they are in control of their gambling, and that it doesn’t control their life. People all over the world gamble for many reasons, so now you have to ask yourself – why do you gamble?

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