Who’s at risk of food poisoning?

Food Safety Supervisor TrainingHave you ever fallen ill to a foodborne disease?  There are certain segments of the public that are at particular high risk of contracting a foodborne illness, and as a Food Safety Supervisor, you must take particular care in serving safe, hygienic and allergen-free food where possible.

Here is a list of high risk groups to consider:


As their immune systems are still developing, protection from resident gut flora is not as effective as it is in adults.  Young children also consume more food in proportion to their weight, so they absorb more toxins and contaminants.

Elderly Patrons

Older people also have less immune defences to foodborne illness, as the body’s natural ability to fight infections and diseases declines as we age. A decrease in stomach acid secretion, which is a first line defence against ingested bacteria, increases the risk of E.coli infections which can be fatal in older patrons.

Pregnant women

Hormonal changes during the stages of pregnancy make a woman’s body more vulnerable to foodborne infections.  Listeria monocytogenes (LM) is one of the most common and dangerous infections, and can cause premature delivery, abortion and still birth. High risk food includes refrigerated processed meat.

The immuno-compromised

Patrons with auto-immune conditions, such as HIV/AIDS, are a high risk group when it comes to contracting bacterial infections, such as Salmonella that can be found in poorly cooked meat products.

Ensure that your patrons eat safely, by enrolling in a Food Safety Supervisor Course.