Do you remember your first job in hospitality?

School Based Trainee - Sarah Elsmore

You might have been the cashier at the local fish & chip shop or the worlds best dishy. Did you ever think that it would lead you to where you are today?

For Sarah Elsmore, a school based traineeship at Lions Richlands has given her the ability to become part of a large community and apply her skills to real world situations.

School Based Training can be a win-win situation for both the student and the employer. For an employer, taking on new young enthusiastic employees brings about a lot of benefits to their business along with the possibility of financial Government grants and incentives.

While across any discipline, School Based Traineeships give young people a fantastic opportunity to experience the industry they may be interested in.

For many students in senior years at high school, considering different career paths can be very daunting. The choices they make in those years regarding their school subjects and after school jobs is a defining factor in shaping their future careers.

Club Training Australia’s School Based Training Program offers students from across Queensland the experience of working in a local community club, while studying a Certificate in Hospitality that goes towards their High School Certificate and Overall Position (OP).

But don’t take our word for it! Past CTA school based trainee Sarah Elsmore shares her experiences with you in a tell-all interview. Sarah gives a fantastic insight into what a School Based Traineeship meant to her and where it has taken her since completing it last year.

What interested you about doing a school based traineeship?

When I was in year 11 I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Because of this, my Dad told me to take every opportunity possible in school to better my career chances in the future. When the school told us about Club Training Australia and the possibilities through achieving a Certificate III in Hospitality, to me it was a no-brainer! The ability to complete school whilst completing extra studies allowed me to further my career with the knowledge I gained through Club Training Australia.

What interested you about hospitality, and in particular the club industry?

I’m still young, but my family life has allowed me to travel to wonderful parts of the world. Many haven’t even been out of Queensland, yet I have been fortunate enough to go on multiple trips, learning and acquiring new experiences. My long term goal is to make a living for myself throughout the world, working where possible in order for my journey to continue. This is where hospitality comes in. Clubs, bars and restaurants are absolutely everywhere and there will always be work in this field. Completing my Certificate III in Hospitality and achieving practical skills will help me when required.

What was the best thing about your traineeship?

The social aspect of working at Lions Richlands was great, but the traineeship wouldn’t have been as good without our trainer, Natalie! The actual traineeship was constructed really well. It expanded over one year, but it didn’t feel rushed or misguiding at any stage. We were able to understand and work together through our thoughts and questions.

What did you hope to get out of your traineeship?

Practical experience throughout the club was a huge thing for me throughout the traineeship. I wanted to learn as much as possible to take it with me wherever I may go. I am still a part of the staff at Lions Richlands, as well as multiple other students who completed the traineeship with me. Although we each work in different areas of the club, we still tend to look out for one another. The ability to learn and expand within the club was a huge thing for me when I continued working for Lions Richlands.

Why do you love working at this club? 

Being a part of the team at Lions Richlands means a lot to me because I feel like I have gained so much from the club and I know there is still more to achieve. Another huge factor is the people I work with, not just fellow employees, but friends – the people that you have inside jokes with, but know when to knuckle down. Lions is quite flexible as they worked around my University timetable, no questions asked. I hope to continue working for the club and being ready for new opportunities as they arise.

Will you continue to pursue a career in hospitality and in particular the Club Industry?

Hospitality will always be there when I need it most in my career. I couldn’t think of anything better than to travel and work in this industry throughout multiple destinations around the world. The club industry beats any fast food outlet or retail shop. The key is experience and this industry can get you there.

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