When are minors allowed on licensed premises in Queensland?

Do you the definition of an exempt minor?Section 155 of the Queensland Liquor Act 1992 states that it is an offence for minors to be on licensed premises UNLESS they are an exempt minor. The Responsible Management of Licensed Venues (RMLV) training course defines exempt minors and demonstrates when a person under the age of 18 can legally be on licensed premises.

Minors are exempt if they live on the premises. For example a licensee‘s or manager‘s family live on site and the children help out in the bar (including pouring a drink) or other public areas.

There is no minimum age under the Liquor Act to be employed or work on licensed premises.

A young person who is employed, engaged in training or work experience can perform all bar duties including pouring drinks. While they can be in possession of liquor for this purpose, they cannot consume liquor. When their duties are finished, they must leave the premises unless they are covered by one of the other exemptions such as having a meal.

Minors can attend a legitimate function on licensed premises in cases where the licensee is providing catering facilities for the function such as room hire, food, drinks etc. They do not have to be accompanied by a responsible adult at the function. Minors cannot be served or supplied with liquor either by staff or by other friends attending the function.

Many clubs, particularly sporting clubs have junior members. In these cases the club rules allow young people on the premises and to access to the club house and facilities. This means that minors who are junior members can be on the licensed premises without a responsible adult or having to eat a meal etc. However, they of course cannot purchase or be served liquor.

In certain circumstances, the chief executive may grant approval for minors to be on the premises. For example a one-off approvals for minors attending an underage disco or a permanent approvals for minors using licensed vessels as ferries for travel to and from educational institutions.

If so, this approval will become a condition of the licence. There are no circumstances in which minors would be allowed to be served or consume liquor.

Two 15 year olds can be on licensed premises (e.g. café) if they are having a meal (not just a coffee). They do not have to be with a responsible adult. Once they have finished their meal they must leave, as their reason for being allowed on the premises has ended.

Minors can be on licensed premises if they are accompanied by a responsible adult.

The RMLV training course provides licensees, approved managers, and hospitality staff will the knowledge they need to ensure that Section 155 of the Queensland Liquor Act (Minors on licensed premises) is not breached. If you are also interested in RSA QLD, visit us today.