What’s Your Story – Tristan Hutchinson

Welcome to our new edition, What’s Your Story, where we share some insight into the life of our talented Commercial Cookery students while you see some of the amazing creations they prepare each season. In this edition we’d like to introduce you to Tristan Hutchinson, a very enthusiastic and driven young apprentice from Moura.  

Tristan Hutchinson

Where do you work? I’m currently doing an apprenticeship at Moura Tavern in Moura What apprentice year are you? I’m on my 3rd year, so almost done now.  What’s your best dish? My favourite dish is Phad Thai Where do you see yourself in ten years? I see myself as head chef at my own venue Who does the cooking at home? I do it all myself What inspired you to become a chef? Well firstly it was the movie Ratatouille, but I love to be able to taste and combine different items for taste and texture