What to do if a glassing occurs

Do you know what to do if a glassing occurs?One of the key objectives of Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) is to reduce alcohol related crime such as glassings. Would you know what to do if a glassing occurred where you work?

The area where a glassing takes place is considered a crime scene. If police can’t gather evidence, the perpetrator may get off scott-free.

The OLGR in NSW have a factsheet with some pointers for licensees and staff on what to do when a violent incident happens. They are listed below.

Call for help

Call for an ambulance and police on Triple 000

Preserve the scene

Determine the location and perimeter of the scene.

  • Prevent access to the scene.
  • Secure the scene by placing a person to guard the area.
  • Ask if anyone can identify the assailant/s who glassed someone.
  • Request any witnesses to stay on the premises until police arrive – if they can’t or won’t, record all witnesses’ particulars where practical.
  • Leave and do not touch any items associated with the act of violence, such as weapons, broken glass, blood and so on.
  • Do not clean up or interfere with crime scenes, such as moving furniture. (Interfering with evidence may constitute an offence, leaving you liable to prosecution, and/or result in the closure of the premises).
  • Record all information into your incident register ASAP. (Make sure names, security numbers, specific tasks and/or involvement of each staff member are recorded.)
  • Provide all records in the incident register to police.

Comply with police

Comply with all directions given by the police to preserve or keep intact the area where the act of violence occurred.

Responsible service of alcohol  will assist you in preventing alcohol related crime such as glassings.