What is RSA?

What is Responsible Service of Alcohol Training?

Do you work on licensed premises? Do you know what is RSA or what it means?

Alcohol is a drug therefore Governments regulate its sale and supply. Governments determine the rules which control who is able to sell liquor and who is able to consume it. These rules are contained in Acts of Parliament or Legislation, and in Queensland they are contained in the Liquor Act 1992 and the Liquor Regulation 2002. The Liquor Regulation provides additional details about particular provisions of the Liquor Act.

The legislation aims to ensure that alcohol is sold by responsible people and that the possible harmful effects of alcohol are minimised or avoided (harm minimisation). The legislation also aims to identify:

  • Who alcohol may not be served to e.g. minors or unduly intoxicated persons
  • When alcohol may be consumed e.g. trading hours on licences
  • How alcohol may be sold e.g. authorities related to different licence types

Penalties apply to people that do not comply with the legislation and may range from a fine to the suspension or cancellation of a liquor licence.

In Queensland the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR), Queensland administers the Act.

What is Responsible Service of Alcohol Training?

RSA is an acronym standing for “Responsible Service of Alcohol” and means serving and supplying liquor in a responsible manner and in accordance with the law. It means that licensees and staff who sell or supply liquor are required to conduct their business in a responsible manner. The licensee, managers and staff may all be held accountable for their actions.

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