What is gambling?

So what exactly is gambling?Are you a gambling employee on licensed premises? So what is gambling anyway?

Gambling involves the staking of money or items of value on the outcome of an uncertain event that is determined by chance.

Four types of activities are generally included in the definition:

The exchange of an item of value according to the outcome of a game (e.g. card games like poker and blackjack, poker machines/slots and roulette).

Where wagers are placed on the outcome of a race or sporting event.

Where distribution of money occurs by random draw.

Investing money in business ventures, insurance or stock market activities.

When referring to problem gambling and responsible gambling, we refer to all forms of legalised gambling (including wagering). In Queensland, a gambling product is illegal unless it is regulated by one of the seven (7) gambling acts and regulations.

As a gambling employee, ensure that you understand the activities associated with gambling.