What is “excluding a patron?”

Responsible Service of GamblingWhat does “excluding a patron” mean? Within a gaming venue, there are exclusion laws that can be imposed by either the patron or the venue itself in regard to a particular patron. It means that a particular person can be prohibited from using gaming products, services or be within gaming areas – therefore, they are ‘excluded.’

There are two (2) types of exclusion laws that can be executed, both in which have time limits or can be revoked:

Self-exclusion: This occurs when a patron comes to the venue and requests to be excluded from the venue. This usually occurs as the person has recognised that they have a gambling addiction in which they need to overcome and, by excluding themselves, they are unable to gamble within your venue.

Venue-initiated exclusion: This occurs when a venue proceeds and legally excludes a particular patron from the premises. This may occur if a family member of the patron has come to the venue and explained that the person has a gambling addiction and, therefore, the venue operator has reasonable grounds to exclude the patron. The person will then be issued with an Exclusion Direction.

The person within your venue in which overlooks exclusions, whether they be patron or venue-based, is your Customer Liaison Officer (CLO). The CLO is also obligated to provide the patron with information on where to gain help in regard to their addiction. Also, venues should realise and take note that – excluding a patron is more likely to be successful – if the patron has realised that they have an issue and are ready to face it.

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