What is a Food Safety Program and a Food Safety Supervisor?

Food Safety Supervisor

A food safety program is a document that identifies and controls food safety hazards when handling food and is generally the responsibility of the Food Safety Supervisor.


The food safety program must be retained at the premises of the food business and must:

  • identify food safety hazards that are reasonably likely to occur within food handling operations of the business
  • identify where and how hazards can be controlled
  • explain how the controls will be monitored
  • create corrective actions to be undertaken when a hazard identified is not under control
  • ensure the program is reviewed regularly
  • ensure that appropriate records are kept and include records about actions taken to ensure compliance with the program.
  • Additional information about the control of food safety hazards, prescribed under a regulation.


If you need some help creating a Food Safety Program for your business, you can take the Food Safety Supervisor training program online with Club Training Australia or click here for futher information. You can also contact Michelle Pitman (Work Health, Safety & Compliance Advisor) to arrange a food safety plan for your business here.