What does having an enthusiastic young trainee mean to your business?

There are two obvious benefits to your venue that you have probably heard us mention in the past, namely

  • Community benefit, hiring a young person from your local school will be recognised in the community.  Your venue will be seen to be giving a young local a go.
  • Cost benefit,  starting with a low risk and cost effective recruitment method, venues that are eligble for financial Government incentives or grants can find themselves with a cost positive training budget.

But there are many more benefits to hiring a young trainee in your venue:

  1. What they lack in experience, they often make up for in enthusiasm.  Interest combined with enthusiasm often ignites a passion which is sometimes hard to find, and that passion in turn results in seemingly more interest to learn and apply.
  2. No bad work habits or poor prior training to break.  Young staff can be taught the way your company believes is most advantageous to its operations.
  3. Young blood can bring fresh ideas and perspectives. They’re not afraid to ask, “Why do you do it this way?” From the most innocent questions, employers can look back at their roots and say, “That’s a good point. Why do we do that?” The newest employee may be the one who prompts a positive change.
  4. Excellent ability to manage “change” They are from an era where technology is rapidly changing and view change as an opportunity to evolve.
  5. Open to learning and upgrading their skills. Your venue represents an opportunity to gain new skills that will help them gain employment now and after they finish school.  In return, you gain a potential future employee that will become part of a highly skilled team.
  6. Enthusiasm can be infectious. Young people can be ambitious, enthusiastic hard workers.  There is nothing more exciting than having motivated employees and, if managed effectively, can promote a positive work environment between your experienced staff and new trainees.
  7. They have the right attitude. Positivity and enthusiasm is an essential first step to gaining the aptitude required.


Interested yet?

Getting involved in Club Training Australia‘s School Based Traineeship Program is as easy as a-b-c!

a)    We will visit you to discuss exactly what will work for your venue

  • Number of students
  • Where you would like them to work
  • What qualification they will enter into

b)    Sourcing the Trainees

  • CTA makes contact with High Schools in your local area
  • CTA coordinates an information and SPEED Recruitment Night where you select just the right candidate/s for your venue

c)    Training and Employment

  • Once CTA enrols your new trainees you are able to induct them as an employee
  • CTA then kicks off their traineeship program
  • CTA delivers an Responsible Service of Alcohol training session to they can hit the ground running and are ready to work immediately
  • All you have to do is

o    Make sure that they work at least 50 shifts a year

o    Pay them only when they work for you

o    Give them access to practical learning on the job

o    Mould them into that perfect employee

o    Then you can employ them casually, part time or full time after they finish school

Let the employment, learning and development adventure begin!

If you’re ready to take on School Based trainees at your venue or still have some questions about the program contact Scott Robertson on 0400 374 569 or email Scott@clubtraining.com.au