Venue management and design

On site management Licensed venues can impact on local businesses, the wider community, and society as a whole. Police, the local Government and the venue must work together to maintain peace and ensure that alcohol-related harm is brought to a minimum, so that the impact to the wider community is reduced.

The location and concentration, geographically, of licensed venues illustrates with an influx of people, in particular, young people to the area and surrounding area. This however can be problematic for the surrounding area, as generally people leave a licensed venue together and in masses as the local venues close at the same time -increasing noise, alcohol related violence and increased use of services such as police and public transport. However, if a strategy that involves both the police and the venue is in place, the impact will be minimal and will not impact on the community.

In addition, the physical features that encourage or facilitate congregation outside and inside the venue affect the ability for patrons to disperse and minimise the risk of lingering, increased noise and violence. Seating, for example, provides patrons a place to sit and linger for longer than required. Milling crowds can act as a physical barrier and impact on people by not easily being able to leave the venue.

It is important within the design of the venue that there are numerous exit areas that are safe for patrons to leave the premises, especially considering it is a licensed venue. If the exit areas are close to a main road, then the risk of patrons being injured is increased. Therefore, the exit and entry areas should be safe for patrons; this includes placing barriers at both areas to block direct access to the road.

Generally, police and venues need to work together to ensure that the risk of alcohol-related injury, increased noise and violence is minimised. To learn more about how to ensure your venue is safe for patrons and is not affecting the wider community, RMLV training is recommended. This course provides insight into current trends, safety regulations, legislation changes, and also ensures that you venue is minimising risk.