Updated Responsible Gambling Code: Practice 6

Responsible Service of GamblingThis blog is for CLOs or gambling staff members working at a gaming venue in QLD. We finish a series of posts to familiarise you with the newly updated Responsible Gambling Code of Practice. This week we look at Practice 6: Advertising and Promotions.

Gambling providers are to develop and implement strategies to ensure advertising and promotions are delivered in a responsible manner, with consideration given to the potential impact on people adversely affected by gambling. Specifically, these strategies will ensure that any advertising or promotion:

6.1   Complies with the Advertiser Code of Ethics as adopted by

        the Australian Association of National Advertisers (www.aana.com.au)

6.2   Is not false, misleading or deceptive

6.3   Does not implicitly or explicitly misrepresent the probability of winning a prize

6.4   Does not give the impression that gambling is a reasonable strategy for financial betterment

6.5   Does not include misleading statements about odds, prizes or chances of winning

6.6   Does not offend prevailing community standards 

6.7   Does not focus exclusively on gambling, where there are other activities to promote

6.8   Is not implicitly or explicitly directed at minors or vulnerable or disadvantaged groups

6.9   Does not involve any external signs advising of winnings paid

6.10 Does not involve any irresponsible trading practices by the gambling provider

6.11 Does not promote the consumption of alcohol while engaged in the activity of gambling

6.12 Has the consent of the person prior to publishing or causing to be published anything which identifies a person who has won a prize 

6.13 Where appropriate, responsible gambling messages are incorporated in advertising and promotion.