Updated Responsible Gambling Code: Practice 5

Responsible Service of GamblingThe Responsible Gambling Code of Practice was updated and released by the Queensland government recently. This is the fifth blog in a series outlining the reviewed six (6) Responsible Gambling Practices. This week we look at Practice 5: Financial Transactions.

5.1 ATM facilities

  • ATMs are not to be located in close proximity to designated gambling areas, or in the entry to gambling areas, where safe and practicable

5.2 Cashing of cheques and payment of winnings

  • Gambling providers are to establish a limit above which all winnings are paid by cheque or electronic transfer

  • Gambling winnings above the set limit are paid by cheque and are not cashed on the gambling provider’s premises until the next trading day or within 24 hours of the win

  • The following cheques can be cashed only by prior arrangement:

  • Cheques not made payable to the venue

  • Cheques not made payable to the person presenting the cheque

  • Multiple cheques

5.3 Credit betting (lending of money)

Gambling providers are not to provide credit or lend money to anyone for the purpose of gambling.