Updated Responsible Gambling Code: Practice 4

Responsible Service of GamblingThis blog is part four of a series of six, outlining the updated six (6) RG practices detailed in the recently updated Responsible Gambling Code of Practice. RSG staff and Customer Liaison Officers can use the information in this blog to ensure their venues meet the requirements of the Code. This week we examine Practice 4: Physical environment.

4.1 Minors are prohibited from gambling

4.2 Minors are prohibited from designated gambling areas

4.3 Provision of hospitality services in areas where gambling is provided, is managed in such a way as to encourage customers to take breaks in play

4.4 Customers who are unduly intoxicated are not permitted to continue gambling

4.5 Child play areas/care

  • Where child play areas are provided, best efforts should be made to minimise exposure to areas where gambling activities are conducted
  • Where gambling providers offer adjunct child care, these facilities must provide safe and suitable standards of care in accordance with relevant child care legislation

4.6 Staff working in gambling areas are not to encourage gambling customers to give them gratuities

4.7 Gambling providers implement practices to ensure that customers are made aware of the passage of time

4.8 Gambling providers implement practices to ensure that customers are discouraged from participating in extended, intensive and repetitive play

4.9 Prior to the introduction of relevant new gambling products and services, including those which make use of emerging technology, consideration should be given as to the potential impact of the technology on responsible gambling behaviours.