Updated Responsible Gambling Code: Practice 3

Responsible Service of GamblingAre you a CLO or gambling staff member working at a gaming venue in QLD? If you are, this series of blog posts will familiarise you with the newly updated Responsible Gambling Code of Practice.

This week we look at Practice 3: Exclusion provisions (self-exclusions and venue-initiated exclusions for problem gambling).

3.1 Gambling providers to provide exclusion procedures and supporting documentation.

3.2 Gambling providers offer customers who seek exclusion contact information for gambling-related support services.

3.3 Excluded customers are to be given support in seeking consensual exclusions from other gambling venues, where practicable.

3.4 Gambling providers must not distribute promotional or advertising material to persons who are self-excluded, have been issued with an exclusion direction for problem gambling or are known to have formally requested that this information not be sent.