Updated Responsible Gambling Code: Practice 2

Responsible Service of GamblingThe Responsible Gambling Code of Practice was recently updated and released by Government. This is the second blog in a series outlining the reviewed six (6) Responsible Gambling Practices. This week we look at Practice 2: Interaction with Customers and Community.

2.1 Community liaison

To support early intervention and prevention strategies,

where opportunities arise, gambling providers are to

establish effective mechanisms to link with:

  • Local gambling-related support services

  • Community networks where responsible gambling related issues could be raised

2.2 Customer liaison role

Gambling providers are to nominate a person/s to perform the customer liaison role and who is to:

  • Be available during approved opening gaming hours

  • Provide appropriate information to assist customers with gambling-related problems

  • Support staff in providing assistance to those customers

  • Provide assistance to staff with gambling-related problems

  • Develop linkages with local community groups where opportunities arise

2.3 Customer complaints

Complaint-handling procedures that can deal with gambling issues are established and promoted by gambling providers.

2.4 Training and skills development

Mechanisms are established to ensure that appropriate and ongoing responsible gambling training is provided to staff serving gambling products to customers. In addition, the relevant owners, boards and managers receive appropriate information to guide decision-making in relation to responsible gambling.