Updated Responsible Gambling Code: Practice 1

Responsible Service of GamblingThis blog begins a series of six, outlining the updated six RG practices detailed in the recently updated Responsible Gambling Code of Practice. RSG staff and Customer Liaison Officers require this knowledge to meet their legislative requirements.

Provision of information

1.1 Information about the potential risks associated with

gambling and where to get help for problem gambling is

prominently displayed in all gambling areas and near any cash out facilities which service gambling areas.

1.2 Information is displayed in a prominent location to alert

customers that the following information is available on request:

  • The provider’s Responsible Gambling Policy document including policies for addressing problem gambling issues relevant to the local community

  • The nature of games, game rules, odds or returns to players

  • Exclusion provisions

  • Gambling-related complaint handling procedures

  • Key elements of the gambling provider’s financial transaction practices

1.3 Meaningful and accurate information on the odds of winning major prizes is prominently displayed in all gambling areas and in proximity to relevant games.

1.4 Gambling providers are to provide information and materials suitable for predominant cultural groups in their local community.