Undesirable Liquor Products

Responsible service of AlcoholA licensee must not sell or supply a liquor product that is declared an undesirable liquor product. Licensees and RSA staff should ensure they remain aware of which products are deemed undesirable liquor products by regularly referring to the OLGR website.

Undesirable liquor products are products that

inappropriately target young people, increase intoxication at rapid rates or encourage irresponsible use of alcohol. Following the amendments to the Liquor Act 1992, new ministerial powers to ban undesirable alcohol products have been introduced to support harm minimisation as the first object of the Act.

A liquor product or class of liquor products subject to an immediate interim ban will first be listed on the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) website at www.olgr.qld.gov.au

A liquor product or class of liquor products subject to a permanent ban will be listed in the Liquor Regulation 2002. A register of interim and permanently banned products will be maintained on the OLGR website.

Criteria for recommending a liquor product be classed as ‘undesirable’:

  • The name, design of packaging of the liquor product or class of products (the product) is likely to be to minors or young people

  • The product is likely to be confused with soft drinks or confectionary

  • The product, for any other reason, is likely to have a special appeal to minors or young people

  • It is otherwise in the public interest to declare the product to be an undesirable liquor product

Can the banning of a liquor product take effect immediately?

Yes. An interim order can be made by the Minister declaring a liquor product to be an undesirable liquor product which bans the sale or supply of the product. The interim order is effective for 42 days and must be published on the OLGR website. During the interim ban, liquor industry representatives, manufacturers and distributors of the liquor product will have an opportunity to consult with the Minister regarding a permanent ban on the liquor product or class of products.

RSA staff must ensure that they do not serve undesirable liquor products to patrons.