Undesirable liquor products

Sell alcohol responsiblyDid you know that there are certain alcoholic products banned in Queensland?  RMLV training is an effective way of learning and clarifying your knowledge as responsible venue owner and having business in your local community.

Liquor products are deemed ‘undesirable’ if they appear to be targeting young people, increase rapid consumption of alcohol or encourage irresponsible drinking.

How do I know which criteria of liquor product is undesirable?

Take the controversy on alco-pops for example.  They are considered to be undesirable as they are designed to look similar to soft drinks or confectionary. 

How do I know if an undesirable liquor product has been banned?

The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) website provides accurate information on liquor product or class of liquor products subject to an immediate or interim ban.

Can the banning of a liquor product take effect immediately?

Yes.  The Minister can declare a liquor product to be an undesirable product and ban the sale and supply of the product.  The interim order is effective for 42 days and must be published on the OLGR website.  Liquor industry representatives, manufacturers and distributors are allowed the opportunity to contest the ban and consult with the Minister during this period.

What is your responsibility?

You must not sell or supply an undesirable liquor product. Licensees must be aware of which products are deemed undesirable liquor products.  You can find further information by following this link – Ministerial banning power.

To find out more about the sale and supply of alcoholic products, consider enrolling in one of our RMLV courses to help keep your knowledge current and discover how to improve your venue’s operations.