Types of facilities on licensed premises

Venue managementManaging your venue’s facilities can be beneficial in both day-to-day operations as well as the long-term interests of the organisation.  The types of facilities, that a responsible manager of a licenced venue can expect to manage, can be split into four (4) separate categories.

  1. Areas that must be consistently monitored include the grounds surrounding the premises.  This can include ensuring that irrigation systems are functioning properly, general plant and landscaping is maintained, and car parks, golf courses and swimming pools are clean.  Any vandalisation should be checked for and removed.
  2. Plant and equipment belonging to the venue can include signs, street signs, electric signage boards, motor vehicles, grounds equipment, goal posts, cash registers, kitchen equipment, cool rooms, etc.
  3. Buildings belonging to the venue can include the club house as well stand along function rooms, grandstands, offices, and extends to stairs, rooves and floors of the premises and structures related to it.
  4. You must also take into consideration the furniture and fittings the premises uses.  This could include chairs, stools and tables, as well as the carpet and any other furniture or decorative objects such as plants and paintings.

Taking long-term care of the assets inside and outside the venue will ensure that no expenditure is spent on unnecessary replacement.