Tray Service Tips

If you work in hospitality, you will come across several points of customer service and how to become more efficient at providing and exceeding customer expectations.  During your training, it is important to pay attention to the small details that help you become a hospitality professional.

Apart from offering drinks over the bar to a customer standing in front of you, there will be many opportunities you have to supply table service of alcoholic beverages.  All table service of beverages should be carried out using trays, not carried in the hand.

Tray service does involve a certain amount of balancing skill to ensure that drinks do not fall over and slosh around the tray.

Tips for Tray Service

  1. Ensure that the tray selected is clean and is either rubberised or has a moistened napkin or cloth placed on it (this stops item from sliding around).

  2. Place one hand underneath the tray and spread your fingers (palm up) as far apart as possible, this assists with balancing.

  3. Drinks and bottles should be spread evenly across the tray to ensure stability.

  4. When unloading drinks at the table, it is essential to take them off one at a time, checking the balance of the tray each time.


Practice well before taking fully laden drinks trays out to the floor and, when loading trays, be careful not to overload as trays are traditionally carried on one arm.

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