Training tomorrow’s hospitality professionals

Club Training Australia is committed to its School Based Training Program, ensuring we have current relevant resources for all students, as well as a great team who showcase enthusiasm and professionalism in their jobs and the success of their students.

Our School Based Program has tripled in size over the past few years with a current completion rate for school-based traineeships at 86%, while we look after up to 500 school based trainees annually.

Club Training Australia’s team of Training Consultants dedication to the School Based Training Program is a testament to its success.

Natalie Hardy, School Based Training ConsultantNatalie Hardy

Natalie has over seven (7) years’ experience in the hospitality industry working her way up from entry level positions in clubs, hotels and catering.  She has also developed her skills and knowledge by working in a variety of international venues.

Natalie coordinates the school based traineeship program and has overseen the growth of this area in recent years. She is gifted in establishing a rapport with younger students and highly skilled in guiding trainees through to the completion of their qualification.

Natalie holds Diplomas in Hospitality (Management) and Tourism.  She is currently studying a Bachelor of Business at QUT.

“I enjoy training school-based trainees because they are so excited and enthusiastic about learning this great industry. It is great to see the students grow into excellent mature employees. I find it very rewarding able to help the students achieve their qualifications.”


Todd Darragh, Far North Qld Training ConsultantTodd Darragh

Todd joined Club Training Australia bringing with him twenty (20) years of industry experience. He brings with him an extensive background in accounting as well as holding various management positions in RSL clubs, surf and sports venues in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

As Club Training Australia’s Far North Queensland Training Co-ordinator, Todd delivers quality hospitality and business training to the northern areas of our State. He is passionate about the education and wellbeing for young Australians and conducts additional alcohol awareness programs throughout high schools in the region as well as Aboriginal communities in Cape York.

Todd holds Diplomas in Hospitality, Business and Management.  He is currently studying qualifications in Community Service Work, majoring in Indigenous and Disadvantaged Youth.

There is no comparison to watching a very nervous teenager being offered a job by a venue manager and then watching their reaction when they go and tell their parents. Training and mentoring a School Based Trainee allows me to help mould and develop the hospitality professionals of tomorrow and who knows, maybe even my replacement.”



Flerida Todorovski, School Based Training ConsultantFlerida Todorovski

Flerida has a solid background within the hospitality industry having worked in major ski resorts, restaurants, night clubs and golf clubs since the age of 16.  During this time, Flerida has steadily progressed from security and supervision roles into event coordination and management positions.

Flerida is an industry professional as well as CTA trainer, working with her partner, a professional chef, in managing private catering functions.  This wealth of knowledge makes Flerida an exemplary trainer as she is able to provide her students with first-hand experience in managing a successful hospitality business in a competitive environment.  She is dedicated to self-development and regularly attends industry courses and events.

“What I like about my job is sharing industry knowledge & experience with trainees & school based kids to help them understand the possible opportunities available to them!”


Rochelle Fox, School Based Training ConsultantRochelle Fox

Rochelle has worked in the hospitality industry for the past (17) seventeen years, starting her career as chef at the Hyatt Regency in Auckland, New Zealand. She used her skills to travel internationally before returning to New Zealand to supervise and manage cafes and restaurants.  This eventually led Rochelle into franchisee and operations consulting for large corporations within Australia and New Zealand.  

Her associated qualifications include a Diploma of Hospitality.  Rochelle’s prior training experience has been related to on-the-job training for new stores in the first 2-3 weeks of opening, training in kitchen operations, barista training, customer service, and management.

“I have a real passion for passing on my knowledge from my years of experience to school based trainees. I enjoy seeing the school based trainees gain confidence through their time with me, and watching them grow through learning new skills and, for a majority, learning through working for the first time. This is a time for them that can either make or break what they think of the industry, and for the years of enjoyment and travel that I have received from hospitality, I understand the importance of guiding trainees and giving them as much information and helpful tips as possible.”


Daryl Cutuli, North Qld Training ConsultantDaryl Cutuli

Daryl specialises in the delivery of Business units throughout the Far North Queensland region.  Daryl brings with him a wealth of knowledge with over twenty years’ (20) experience in various sectors within the hospitality industry, successfully owning and operating numerous businesses throughout his career. Daryl’s experience allows him to provide hands-on knowledge and experience to his students, enabling them to gain their tertiary qualifications and kick-start their future career.

Daryl currently holds two Diplomas within Management and Business and continues to strive to educate himself on an industry that is continuously evolving, providing his students with the most up-to-date information possible.  His commitment to thorough industry research ensures that his students are well-prepared for their future careers and assists them in their studies to gain their Tertiary Qualification.

“What I get most out of training school based trainees is the opportunity to pass on my lifetime of experiences & wealth of knowledge to people that will potentially take what I teach them throughout their own life’s journey.”


Matthew Rollo, School Based Training Consultant

Matthew Rollo

With eleven (11) years’ experience in the hospitality industry, Matt brings a positive, hard-working, and motivated attitude to the CTA team. Holding Diplomas in Hospitality, Management and Business, his focus, energy and commitment to the hospitality industry are some of the reasons why Matt is a key trainer in the areas of gaming and alcohol.

“I can honestly say that training a school based trainee from the ground up is one of the most rewarding things a trainer can do. I’ve had a lot of students who come into the workplace with limited knowledge and experience, and with some guidance and direction they become a vital part of the venue with an amazing work ethic and attitude. It is these students who continue in the workplace after school and go into cert IV and diplomas and ultimately management positions. 

Can there be any better feeling for a trainer than watching our students succeed?”


Erin Powell, School Based Training ConsultantErin Powell

Erin has 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, with an extensive background in cafés, restaurants and community clubs and a Diploma of Hospitality.  

Erin has an inherent passion and respect for the hospitality industry and believes it can provide endless opportunities as well as taking you all over the world.  The interaction with customers as well as working as part of a great team certainly beats sitting in front of a computer all day.

“I think school based training is a great initiative and gives our younger generation a great start in the hospitality industry. 20 years ago someone gave me a chance. I just want to do the same for others.”


Neal Potter, Training ConsultantNeal Potter

Neal Potter has been involved in the teaching aspect of the Hotel/Hospitality industry for the last (6) six years, successfully guiding students into the industry and developing invaluable skills.

Neal studied at the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School, completing an Advanced Diploma in International Hotel Management.  He has had an extensive amount of experience throughout most departments of the Hotel and Hospitality industry, where Neal spent the majority of his time in food & beverage department in restaurants, hotels and resorts across Australia and the UK, as well as achieving a variety of different managerial positions within four and five star establishments.

Neal has attained his teaching qualifications completing a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and continually keeps up to date with current industry standards.