Training The Trainers

Certificate IV in Occupational Health and SafetySupervisors, team leaders and managers should receive the same training as all employees when it comes to workplace health and safety (WHS). These pinnacle staff members assist in policy-making that affects WHS within a business, and are normally the staff that conduct staff member training in WHS. Therefore, they need to be equipped for the role of training for WHS, whether they are the ones that derived the WHS training scheme, and so they should be put through independent training.

The reason why the staff members that implement or assist WHS training should be put through the same training, as any other staff member, is to ensure that they know how to implement the new training and present it to other staff members effectively. Some training that may be delivered by supervisors and team members include, but not limited to: induction, on-the-job training for new or new to the role employees, and/or refresher training for existing staff members.

Therefore, whether or not these particular staff members assisted in policy-making in regard to WHS, they should still undergo the same training as all other staff members. It is recommended that they undertake regular independent training, for example: first aid, to ensure that the training that they are presenting to staff members is accurate and up to date. If they attend independent training, the inaccuracies can be noted and rectified before presenting the training to all staff.

It is not only important to train your frontline staff, but it also vital to ensure that top management undergoes the same training, to ensure that all staff members have the same understanding – no matter their position. You also want to ensure that the trainers implementing the training are providing up-to-date training. If you have any issues or queries in regard to WHS, please contact one of our Hospitality Risk Specialists who will be able to assist you.