Training for the future, the benefits may surprise!

Training for the futureOne of the first clubs to train school based students through the CTA program, put a number of successful students through resulting in great benefits to the Club, kids, and community.

Michael McCarthy, General Manager of Caboolture RSL shares a unique insight into our School Based Training Program.

“One of the advantages of having School Based Trainees is their enthusiasm to learn and do well and this rubs off on our existing staff and encourages them to go to another level as well.

We also have the opportunity to train them our way and not deal with any past bad habits in regards to customer service and operational procedures.

They bring a freshness to the workplace as they are keen to impress and are excited to learn new tasks.

It has also been good to see our existing staff, not just management, take ownership in regards to training the trainees and watching their progress with pride.

We have utilised our trainees to run some of our inhouse functions for patrons and it has been a great way for the trainees to build their confidence.

The interesting by-product is in regards to our patrons who afford the trainees more patience as they can see they are learning and trying to develop a career. The patrons have in some cases taken them under their wings and enjoy watching them transform from nervous school based beginner to a confident professional adult staff member that can work in most areas.

Our members and guests also see this as a positive step by the club to support the community and its much maligned youth, the local schools are also very much of the same opinion.

Our first intake of 7 School Based Trainees’s in August 2010 has resulted last year of which 5 are still with us, some on apprenticeships.

These staff were trained in each area and then branched out to work in the area that suited them and there career aspirations best.

The trainee’s  that we have retained have become an integral part of our business and are looking forward to a long and successful career in hospitality which will inturn be a benefit to the whole of industry.

Based on our latest intake of trainee’s I am expecting the same result will again occur.

I would encourage all clubs to become involved in this programme for the benefit of not just their own club but the industry generally.

The benefits, and not just the obvious ones may surprise.”

Michael McCarthy, General Manager Caboolture RSL

Caboolture RSL club