Training Courses Australia: Frequently Asked Questions

Training courses Australia are the ideal marriage of convenience and efficiency. In today’s high-speed way of living, those amongst us who would like to get certification or training in particular courses may choose to eschew the traditional face-to-face classes for many reasons. This is why online training courses are a quickly growing way of learning today. In offering ease of access for course delivery, online courses give modern learners a chance to train and educate themselves at a pace they’re comfortable with.


There are questions, of course. Here are some common questions asked regarding online training courses.


What kind of courses are available?

There are a variety of online training courses available. Among the most popular courses are the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA), Responsible Gambling Services (RGS or RSG), and the Food Safety Supervisor (FFS) courses. These courses are marked with the Nationally Recognised Training logo, which indicates that these courses are nationally accredited.


What does “Nationally Accredited” mean?

Accreditation is the formal confirmation that a particular training course is recognised on a national level. This means that the training course meets the needs of an established industry, enterprise, educational community, legislative community, or social community. Any courses marked as nationally accredited have met national quality assurance requirements and are deemed fit for training learners.


These training courses are also aligned with the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), the significance of which means that the training course has a recognised educational and qualifying value; any certifications that result from the training courses are then valid qualifications for job applications.


Where can I access these training courses?

Courses with the Nationally Recognised Training accreditation can be accessed through Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). RTOs are private organisations that train and educate learners in nationally accredited courses such as RSA, RSG, and FFS. These training organisations are part of the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector, which offer alternative learning systems for adolescents and adults looking to enter employment but have chosen not to pursue the traditional academic track of education.


Are there fees for these training courses?

Yes, there are course fees. The fees vary from RTO to RTO, as well as with the intended course. To learn more, contact the Registered Training Organisation and enquire about their fees for the selected or chosen training course or visit their website and check the available courses for the indicated fees.


Can international students enrol in Nationally Accredited courses?

Yes and no. While international and overseas students can technically enrol in nationally accredited courses, some guidelines and regulations need to be kept in mind. One example of such a regulation is regarding those with student visas.  There are particular visa holders such as sub-class 500 visas who are only permitted to train through a training organisation registered with the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). Other student visas (ie non sub-class 500) allow the holder to train through non-CRICOS registered providers such as CTA Training Specialists, which means that the RTO is permitted to accept international and/or overseas students who don’t hold a sub-class 500 visa.  If you are unsure though, it is best to check with the RTO.


How long do the training courses run?

The length and duration of the training course depends on the type of training course. Some training courses are effective for same-day learning, while some have a prescribed completion window of up to six weeks.  Similarly, certification for these courses is generally delivered within one to ten business days upon qualified completion of the course.


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