Train staff to manage incidents on licensed premises

As part oConflict resolutionf our incident management series, this week, we’ll focus on how staff actions can influence a situation to escalate.  This is an excellent way to use your RMLV training to help train your staff to handle an incident in an appropriate way.

To help create a training plan, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Should any person(s) involved in the incident have been refused entry?

  • Was the incident caused or escalated by unprofessional staff actions?

  • Was there a lack of proper supervision or training of security staff?

  • Are there enough staff trained to deal with incidents?

  • Is there an individual staff member involved with the majority of incidents?

  • Was management sufficiently aware of the number and types of incidents that occurred during this period?

  • Were incidents handled in accordance with venue practices, procedures and standards?

  • Were incidents detected early enough?

  • Was any incident preventable and if so how?

  • Was the ultimate response of the venue to the incident adequate and appropriate?

  • Have complaints about the number of incidents or the handling of incidents been made?

  • Is the number of incidents or their outcome affecting the reputation or business of the venue?

To help your staff maintain current knowledge of patron management, Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) is very valuable, and it is a good idea to encourage you staff to revise this knowledge.