Tips: Minors on licensed premises

Responsible Service of AlcoholAn individual has lined up at your venue to get their ID checked and they appear to be under the legal drinking age of 18, what do you do? It is important to have steps in place, to ensure that you and or your staff do not allow underage persons into your licensed venue, and to prevent underage drinking.

Some tips and strategies on how to combat against underage drinking and/or unlawful entry to your venue:

  • Always ask for ID

  • Ensure that all staff are aware of the steps in place, and refer to the Australian ID checking guide to identify security features displayed on proof-of-age cards and driver’s licences

  • If your venue uses ‘stamp outs,’ closely screen anyone trying to re-enter the premises, as ‘stamp outs’ are easily transferred

  • Refuse entry to anyone that appears underage and does not have any form of ID

When checking ID’s, you and your staff should adapt the following strategies to ensure that you do not allow for underage entry and/or drinking:

  • Examine the ID in a well-lit area so that you can clearly see all the security features – also ask the individual to take their ID out of their protective plastic in their wallet

  • Take the ID from the individual to closely look at it over

  • Feel around the edges, photo area and birth date to ensure that there are no discrepancies, wrinkles or bubbles

  • Compare the ID with the person present – does the ID match the person standing in front of you?

  • Calculate the birth date on the ID to ensure that they are 18

  • Ensure that the ID has the appropriate holograms

Not only are you and the venue legally responsible to refuse the sale of alcohol to minors, but you are also required to prevent the sale of alcohol that will be consumed by a minor. This is as if another patron purchases alcohol and then provides it to the minor, ensure that you are selling it and providing alcohol to an individual that is purchasing it for themselves and is not passing it on. All staff should be trained to identify ID discrepancies, and to ensure that all persons entering the premises are at least of the legal drinking age of 18. Also, all staff that work on a licensed premises must have a valid responsible service of alcohol certificate.