Why it’s time to invest in first aid

First aid training is the most critical business decision you will ever make. Many see this training as another compliance or requirement to tick a box, but it’s actually the most vital skill any employee can have. Imagine if one of your patrons has a heart attack, became suddenly ill or one of your chefs accidently slices themselves on a knife. Without the correct training and support any one of these situations could turn fatal. It’s simple, first aid training provides, in some cases, life saving care and helps prevent further injuries or illness.

Know your risks

When investing in training, it’s also important to consider your workplace needs; are you at high risk of employee or patron injuries? How many employees do you have? Does your work involve children? Are the emergency services close? These are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself. The answers will help you understand how risky your business is and determine how many first aid kits you need and what supplies, as children have different needs to adults.

More than just training

Training your staff is just the first step, it’s also important to ensure you have the correct equipment to assist in first aid care and staff know what is expected of them. There are three key tips to being prepared for any first aid situation:

  1. First aid kits: Make sure kits are well stocked and audits are regularly take place to ensure your staff have the equipment they need at all times and are never left short during an emergency.
  2. First aid roster: While it’s important to train all your staff in first aid skills, you should also have a roster where staff are put in charge of making arrangements, leading the team, ensuring equipment is stocked. Somebody who can take charge during a situation to ensure no confusion or miscommunications take place.
  3. Information and resources: Make sure your employees have easy access to brochures, first aid details, rosters and learning materials. Adding these to notice boards and in tearooms will keep staff up-to-date with the latest details and trainings.

Invest in training today

When looking to implement training programs and up-skill your staff, first aid training should be at the top of your list. Not only is it essential to your workplace but also it enables emergencies and medical situations to be handled with care. Ultimately, training imparts confidence in your employees to provide care in any emergency.

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