The Truth About Pokie Machines

Responsible Service of GamblingWhen you walk into a gaming room you are immediately drawn to the bright lights, large screen and sounds of a pokie machine. It lures you in to try your luck. But what are the odds of winning and has luck really got anything to do with it? What are facts and what are myths about pokie machines?

Pokie machines lure you in to try your luck; they are advertised as a simple and inexpensive way to win big. However, the truth is that pokies are programmed to pay out less than what you put in. So if you put in a dollar and try your luck, the odds are you won’t see it again.

However, there are so many myths about pokie machines and we want to set the record straight:

MYTH: “I know that if I am able to hit the button on the machine at exact right moment I will be able to get the jackpot.”
FACT: Gaming machines use a software that runs a Random Number Generator (RNG), which continuously cycles through numbers. Therefore, the time that you hit the machine button will not affect your chances of winning and getting the winning combination.

MYTH: “The person who played the machine that I was on after me won the jackpot, if I stayed at the machine that could have been me.”
FACT: Each combination that the machine produces each time that the hit button is pressed is completely random. This means that there is no real way to determine when the winning combination will appear is unpredictable, and what happened on it previously has no impact on the outcome.

MYTH: “My machine hasn’t paid out in a while which means that it will pay big soon.”
FACT: The outcome of the machine is completely random and unpredictable. It could play for the next ten rounds and still not pay out.

MYTH: “If you bet in a certain pattern you have more chances of winning.”
FACT: The outcome of each game is completely random and the patter of betting has no effect on the outcome.

MYTH: “If I collect after every win I am more likely to win.”
FACT: If you collect after every win you have the same chances of winning as any other person who does not collect.

MYTH: “If you put enough money into a machine you will eventually win.”
FACT: Pokie machines are programmed to win and to pay out less than what you put into the machine.

MYTH: “Some pokie machines are luckier than others, I just have to find it”
FACT:  The outcome of the machine is completely random and unpredictable. Therefore, no machine is luckier than another.

MYTH: “Machines pay out more money at certain times of the day”
FACT: Winning or losing combinations are not affected by the time of day, as each machine is programmed to produce random results each time.

Overall, the pokie machine is always the winner. The more times you play the less your odds are that you will win. Responsible gambling is required when playing pokie machines, and when you have used the allocated money to gamble you have to be able to walk away happy, either as a winner or loser.