The Risks of Drinking While Pregnant

DrinResponsible Service of Alcoholking while pregnant could impact a fetus’ life, and Club Training Australia’s online RSA course will identify and illustrate the harm alcohol inflicts on an unborn fetus.

The National Health and Medical Research Council advise that the safest way to prevent a baby from harm is to not drink when planning pregnancy, whilst pregnant or breastfeeding. This is as when consuming alcohol, the alcohol content in the mother’s blood stream will cross over the fetus and increases the risk of harm.

The effects of alcohol while pregnant:

  • The most adverse effect of alcohol from chronic or intermittent alcohol consumption is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS).

  • Alcohol consumption whist pregnant can affect the development of the baby’s facial development .

  • Harm to the development of the fetal nervous system, including the brain.

  • Other potential adverse effects due to alcohol consumption whilst pregnant include spontaneous abortion, low birth weight, and attention and learning difficulties.

If you had consumed small alcohol before finding out that you were pregnant, please be assured that the risk of harm to your unborn fetus is minimal. However, once you have found out that you are pregnant, please be advised that the safest way to prevent your baby from harm from alcohol consumption is to not to consume alcohol. As if you consume alcohol – so does your baby.  

When completing your Responsible Service of Alcohol, bear in mind that it is your responsibility to the greater community to ensure that all that come in contact with alcohol are aware of the impact and risks that are associated with alcohol consumption and the harm that it may have on their unborn fetus.