The pitfalls of drinking promotions and entertainment

RMLV TrainingWhen considering a drink or entertainment promotion in your venue, what do you consider to be high risk?  As a Responsible Manager, you should devise any promotional activity to be lawful and safe.

Risky drinking promotions can include the following:

  • Cheap drink specials

  • Paid entry and free drinks

  • ‘Two for One’ offers

  • Drinking in rounds or ‘Shouts’ can also increase alcohol consumption

Drinking promotions put young drinkers at considerable risk to alcohol related harm.

There is a range of legislative and self-regulatory mechanisms relating to alcohol advertising in Australia, though there are no direct controls over drink-related promotions.  This is something that responsible managers need consider through common sense, and it is up to you determine which drinking promotions could be potentially harmful.

Here are some preventative measures you can use in your venue:

  • When devising a drink promotion, use beverages with a low or no alcohol content

  • Supply free tap water

  • Some premises even supply free soft drinks to designated drivers, to encourage drinkers to have a ‘sober’ companion to assist them in getting home safely


How’s the entertainment at your venue?  Lively, or ho-hum?  Boredom is another factor that can cause patrons to increase their alcohol consumption. Having high quality entertainment can distract patrons from constant drinking and potential aggression to other patrons. If consistent live entertainment is not realistic for your licenced premises, consider using appropriate TV channels, such as music orientated programs, or other options that will not incite strong emotions.  Light-hearted, family-friendly video games are also a great option.

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