The key to success for working in the hospitality industry

Certificate II in Hospitality – Communication at work and school What is the key to success when working in the hospitality industry? The answer is something so simple and yet one of the hardest things to master for most – communication.  Your success in the hospitality industry impinges on your ability to communicate with not only customers but also your colleagues and management. You must be able to communicate with these parties not only verbally but also through other communication channels, such as your body language, appearance, tone of voice, and the ability to listen to what is being said at all times.

Clear communication using a wide range of communication channels will not only improve your relationships with your colleagues, but will also enhance your customer service and mean you are able to form relationships with customers.    

When communicating with and serving customers you should:

  • Make a great first impression

  • Take care in your appearance

  • Face in-person the customer

  • Maintain eye contact if possible

  • Smile

  • Establish rapport with the customer

  • Address the customer by name, or try and find out the customer’s name for future use

  • Listen attentively

  • Ask questions within the topic of conversation

  • Maintain good posture

  • Stay at a social distance, about one metre, when speaking to customers

  • React immediately to a customer’s query or complaint

When interacting with and serving customers you should avoid:

  • Touching the customers

  • Using bad language

  • Giving personal observations, opinions or criticisms

  • Rudeness such as ignoring calls for attention or interrupting a customer’s conversation without saying, “excuse me” first

Completing a certificate in hospitality will enable and provide you with the information and experience required to master communication that you will need to succeed in the hospitality industry, as it truly is the key to success. This is as the hospitality is an industry that requires you to be able to work as a team and with customers, and without effective communication you will not succeed.