The importance of reviewing incidents on licensed premises

Incident record keepingWhen you’re undertaking an analysis of past incidents, what are the best methods of recording an accurate log?  Responsible Managers should learn from past experiences to help what changes and initiatives could be implemented, this might involve some of the following:

  • Involve key security, venue management and staff in the collection and analysis of data surrounding an incident.  This can help paint a clear picture of what actually happened.

  • Detail how the incident arose and how it was resolved.

Here is a list of useful questions to consider in your observations when creating a detailed incident log.

  • Which is the most common type of incident your venue experiences?  This might be entry refusals, intoxication or antisocial behaviour.

  • What do you consider as the primary causes of major and minor incidents?

  • At what times of the day do major and minor incidents occur?

  • What are the highest risk areas of your venue?

  • Do you believe that the current level of security technology is sufficient?  Is it effective?

  • Did the majority of incidents occur when a certain type of entertainment was provided?

  • Is there a particular patron demographic that gives cause for concern?

Questions like these can help break down the cause of an incident to help you get to the root of the problem.   

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