The Catering Cycle – Storing food safely

Risk managementThis week, we will be taking a look at step 3 of the catering cycle – storing food safely.  As part of Food Safety Supervisor training, this cycle will help you and your venue keep your storage and ordering organised.

It’s important that produce be thoroughly checked before being signed for.

Next, items must be stored in the appropriate place to protect against theft, and spoilage which could potentially contaminate the food.

High value items, such as beer kegs, must be kept in high security areas, with regular stocktakes of stored items to be implemented by management.

It is vital to store perishable goods as soon as possible to prevent wastage.  Hygiene is a critical component, and you must ensure that dry storage areas, cool rooms and refrigerators are kept clean at all times.

If space is an issue for your venue, or if a smaller club has accepted a large function booking, menu items must be carefully planned so that there is limited need for storage space.  Try cooking some components beforehand to make them less susceptible to spoilage.

Keep checking our news page to find out more about the steps in the catering cycle and keep your food safety knowledge current.