The catering cycle – Issuing stock

Food Safety SupervisorLast week, we took a look at purchasing and receiving food.  This blog will focus on step 4 of the catering cycle – issuing stock.  As a Food Safety Supervisor, it is an essential part of managing and controlling your venue’s food operations.

Theft is a surprisingly common problem for food-service operations.  To avoid stock disappearing with no record, the distribution of goods to various departments within the organisation must be controlled through a set of thorough, clear procedures to be implemented by management.  Although these measures can prevent theft, food safety can also be compromised during stock transfers.

An effective measure to prevent theft, spoilage or contamination of food can include:

  • Giving staff access through relevant paperwork to record the name/s of the food outlet, a temperature control log, and a record of the staff member’s signature.
  • Recording the details of the item and a second check to ensure that all items have  been issued at the correct temperature, as well as the courier’s signature to record the item’s successful delivery.

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