The 6 Principles of Good Practice in Managing Licensed Venues

Risk managementThere is a lot to learn and control when you’re a manager of a licensed venue.  Check our guide below for the six (6) principles of good management.

Licensing policies:  Ensure that your liquor licence policies consider the safety of the local community as well as your patrons. This is in the context of potential crime, violence, disorder and incidents involving patrons attending or leaving the premises

Management policies:  Management practices should comply with legislative requirements that reduce the risk of harm to staff and patrons.

Staff training and education policies:  It’s important to provide appropriate training to bar staff, security and management, so that they understand their legal obligations, manage intoxication-related issues, and prevent violent or aggressive incidents.

Responsible service policies:  Staff must understand and engage in responsible server practices.

Responsible marketing policies:  Licensed premises should be promoted in a way that does not encourage or facilitate violent, disorderly or criminal behaviour through the provision of excess alcohol.

Collaborative crime reduction policies:  It’s important that your venue establish good relationships with the relevant local authorities, and take a proactive approach in forming collaborative strategies that will help reduce alcohol-related incidents.

Every manager of a licensed venue must ensure they have a current RMLV certificate.  Check our course page here.