Techniques for Refusing Alcohol Service

Responsible Service of AlcoholThere are various techniques licensees and RSA staff can use when refusing service or entry including:

  • Introduce yourself to the person and tell them your name and your role, and ask their name.
  • Approach the person in a friendly and respectful manner. Patronising or authoritarian attitudes can often evoke anger and make the person aggressive – this is a common response to threats to one’s dignity and self-respect. Try not to speak to the person in front of others.
  • When talking to the person, use their name; use slow, distinct speech; use short, simple sentences; avoid emotion and involved discussions; use appropriate eye contact; and adjust speaking pace to match that of the patron’s.
  • Provide a clear statement that by law – they cannot be served another drink or allowed to remain in the venue.
  • Give a clear instruction to the person that they must leave the premises. If necessary guide them to the exit, ensuring that they have all their personal possessions with them.
  • Suggest alternative and safe transport home, such as calling a friend, relative or a taxi.
  • Notify the manager/licensee/supervisor or security.
  • Enter any incidents relating to refusal in the venue’s incident register.
  • If considered necessary, the management may consider imposing a short-term ban.

Notify other RSA staff when you have refused service to the person and also notify the new staff on change of shift. Interested in RSA QLD, enrol with us today.