Teamwork in a Commercial Kitchen

Interested in a career in commercial cookery?Teamwork within a commercial kitchen is crucial. It is an environment where if you don’t work as a team and work together effectively, then success is impossible to achieve. Completing a Certificate III in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery) with Club Training Australia enables you to know the reasons as to why teamwork within a commercial kitchen is so crucial that will become apparent through on-job experience.

To be able to work as a team within a commercial kitchen, you must first understand how each team member works within the group. This is as each staff member has to understand how each person works and what their strengths and weaknesses are. By identifying each staff member’s strengths and weaknesses, you are able to assist those who are less skilled in particular areas, ensuring that there are no areas of weakness within the team.  

Effective teamwork and good kitchen routine within a commercial kitchen ensures that delays are minimised and food quality is of the highest standard. To be able to work as team effectively means that all staff must work together – this includes front-of-house, food servers and kitchen staff. You need to consider the following factors that can influence the success of your team:


The team must have a clear and common goal to work towards as a team; goals are important to team morale

Goal commitment

To be able to achieve a goal, the team must have a clear understanding of the goal so that they are able to achieve the correct outcome

Define team role

Each team member must be able to clearly identify their role within the team and what their responsibility is within the team

Knowledge is key

The team should know what they are selling


Having the correct attitude is imperative, as if you have the right attitude you will be able to anticipate a customer’s needs and wants before they even know

Honesty & Trust

Honesty and trust are important to team morale and spirit. This is as if there is no trust or respect, the team will fail


Being on time is key to success


To have a sense of duty to your workplace and customers


Each team member must respect one another for teamwork to be effective


Change happens within every environment, and a team must be able to quickly adapt to any change that arises

Effective teamwork within a commercial kitchen is crucial to its success; without teamwork – the team is unable to provide effective service, quality food and or provide meals within an appropriate timeframe. Teamwork = Success.

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