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RSA online QLD Initiatives on Minors

CTA Training Specialists

Licensees and approved managers develop RSA online QLD initiatives for themselves and RSA Staff, to implement in their venue. Some suggestions for RSA online QLD initiatives for minors include: Minors will not be served Individuals found purchasing drinks for minors will be removed from the premises All patrons are required to provide acceptable proof of […]

RSA online QLD | What is alcohol?

CTA Training Specialists

Do you work in licensed premises? Do you know what alcohol actually is?  By studying an RSA online course, you can learn all about alcohol and how it should be served responsibly. What is alcohol? In everyday use, alcohol usually refers to drinks such as beer, wine, or spirits containing ethyl alcohol – a substance […]

RSA: What is a responsible adult for a minor?


When you work in licensed premises in an RSA QLD role, you need to know that some licensed premises allow minors into their venues if they are accompanied by a “responsible adult.” So what exactly is a responsible adult? In Queensland, a responsible adult in relation to a minor is: a parent a step-parent or […]

What is RSA?

What is Responsible Service of Alcohol Training?

Do you work on licensed premises? Do you know what is RSA or what it means? Alcohol is a drug therefore Governments regulate its sale and supply. Governments determine the rules which control who is able to sell liquor and who is able to consume it. These rules are contained in Acts of Parliament or Legislation, and […]

What is binge drinking?

We hear the words ‘binge drinking’ quite regularly; however do we really know what it is? Binge drinking means different things to different people, but overall it refers to drinking too much alcohol on a single occasion or consuming more than the recommended level of alcohol intake for adults. RSA staff at licenced venues are […]

Alcohol Service And Minors

RSA staff should understand that the legal drinking age is set because alcohol can be very dangerous to young people. This is because they generally lack the experience of dealing with alcohol and their internal organs haven’t finished developing, so a small amount may have a much larger effect than it does on adults.

Knowing Your Standard Drinks and BAC

When working as an RSA QLD staff member, it is important to know your standard drinks and how they affect Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC). A standard drink is typically defined as a drink that contains approximately 10 grams of pure alcohol. A standard drink and a standard-sized glass are not the same thing.

Alcohol, Health and the Community

The consumption of alcohol can have profound effects on personal health as well as community health. Most people drink in moderation. However there are substantial proportions of people who drink at levels that increase the risk of harm both to themselves and to others. RSA staff must have an overall understanding of the effects of […]